System crashes, virus attacks, or power outages can quickly destroy or corrupt your saved messages and your address book in your Outlook Express.  Be prepared with regular backups! 

6.0 New feature! is a backup and restore tool for Outlook Express 5 and higher. It allows you to backup your mail folders, mail accounts, message rules, signatures, stationery, and all personal settings. The program will compress your backed up email folders so you can save space. You can also schedule regular unattended backups at different times.

Not only does OE-Backup allow you to safely archive your messages but it can also backup your  address book and contacts, users and accounts, message rules and filters, and Internet Explorer settings and information. 

OE-Backup  can help you to transfer all your Outlook Express data from one computer to another, even with a different version of Windows and/or Outlook Express (for example from Outlook Express 5.5 to Outlook Express 6.0 or vice versa).

Backup all identities has been added to OE-Backup 6.0New feature!  As a bonus, settings of Internet Explorer, including favorites, proxy configuration, user defined fonts and other customizations are also saved.

Outlook Express
Mail accounts
Mail folders
Message rules
Personal settings
Backup all identities support New feature!

Internet Explorer
Proxy & connection settings
Security zones
User customizations
Typed URLS




Save space with 
file compression and 
ensure security
with backup copies!



New feature!

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